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nucleOS is a preemptive multitasking-32-bit-protected mode-Operating System for the x86-Architecture coded in x86-Assembler and Pascal. It's in an early stage of development and therefore big parts of the OS still have to be planned and designed and just a few basic function of an OS are implemented right now:
Current technical information can be found on our CVS-Server (hosted by http://www.sourceforge.net) in "/nucle-os/docs"

nucleOS Booting-Process:

First BIOS loads our Bootloader. Cause of it's size all this Bootloader does is just to load our "Second-Stage"-Bootloader which prepares a few things for our kernel:

Hier gehts dann weiter mit Initialisierungen im Kernel und zu guter letzt noch mit dem Init-Task ;-) man kann natürlich auch noch "Unterkategorien" einführen oder einfach zu einer doku verlinken... (wird ja doch noch sehr ausführlich